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Lavender Plush and Candles from In Full Bloom in Farmingdale, NY
Lavender Plush and Candles
Item No: LavenderPlushandCandles
Chose your Favorite Gift: Teddy Bear Lavender Lou and Kaylee Lavender Koala are Lovingly filled with Aromatic Lavender and Heatable Flaxseed for Cozy Bedtime Companions which Helps Provide Relaxation and Restful Sleep. (not for children under 2 years old) Chose your Favorite Candle: Lavender Soy Candle or Votive are infused with Essential Lavender Oil and are Ideal for Relaxation, Both in Off-White Ceramic. Perfect Gifts!
Teddy Bear Lavender Lou
Kaylee Lavender Koala
Lavender Soy Candle
Lavender Soy Votive